Invisalign in Burwood & Gordon

Orthodontic treatment is any procedure that helps straighten and correct the teeth, as well as correct issues with the bite.

At Beautiful Dental Care, our holistic approach specialises in early and late orthodontic treatment for both children and adults. Dr Susie Sun has spent many hours training on orthodontics and treating patients with a thoroughly planned treatment approach. No patient is the same, and Dr Susie Sun continuously upskills to learn the latest technique and technologies to ensure she delivers the best treatment. Visit our Gordon dental clinic or our Burwood dental clinic today!

Patients often seek orthodontic treatment to improve the appearance of the teeth and solve problems such as:

Treating Orthodontics with Invisalign®

Invisalign® is a plastic aligner and orthodontic appliance that’s a game-changer in the field of orthodontics treatment. Like its name, these comfortable aligners are thin, invisible, and can be removed easily.

Instead of using wired braces which can be troublesome, Invisalign® helps move the teeth back into place over time using a series of moulds. Patients would typically use Invisalign® aligners for months to reshape their teeth, but each case is dependent on the individual.

How is Invisalign® treatment done?

We will first perform a dental impression to ensure that the aligners fit you. Our state-of-the-art practice is equipped with a digital scanner made for maximum patient comfort, and with the highest level of accuracy. This means you can say goodbye to sitting in the dental chair biting on yukky dental impressions while waiting for them to set!

Using our digital scanner, we will send your teeth scans and impressions to the Invisalign® headquarters, who will then customise a plan to get your teeth back to their perfect shape.

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